Our team members are all at least Diploma qualified – insured – licensed – members of the FBAA or MFAA – under the auspice of Credit Ombudsman.

Rob Ross

Co-owner Signature Lending Solutions

I own multiple properties and have an understanding of investing & loans structured to suit. During the past 30 years I have owned several businesses from flying schools through to sports good wholesaling and have from time to time sat on the board of a variety of companies & churches. I am a keen investor with managed funds, business and other investments.

Robert Ross is a Credit Representative (CRN 400227) of BLSSA Pty Ltd [Australian Credit Licence number 391237]

Ph: 0402 159 274 Email: [email protected]

Client Support & PA

Ph: 1800 825 089 Email: [email protected]

Mark Barratt

markbCo-owner Signature Lending Solutions

I have been in the finance industry since 2001 and am passionate about helping people across Australia achieve their dream of owning their own home or investing in another one. The experience that I gained serving as member of the Royal Australian Navy, where I carried out two deployments to the Middle East, has given me the ability to tackle problems that seem outside the box to many.

Mark Barratt is a Credit Representative (CRN 400462) of BLSSA Pty Ltd [Australian Credit Licence number 391237]

Ph: 0432 638 262 Email: [email protected]

Rob Briigmann

robbCredit Rep Brisbane (Nationwide)

Hi I’m Rob Briigmann and I have been in the broker industry for a number of years now. Previously I spent many years working for one of the “Big Five” If your dream is a first home, a home upgrade, an investment in property/shares or to invest through SMSF then I would relish the opportunity to assist you. Are you looking to release equity from your home under a Reverse Mortgage or Seniors Equity Release? I specialise in this aspect of Seniors’ finance as well.

Rob Briigmann is a Credit Representative (CRN 400391) of BLSSA Pty Ltd [Australian Credit Licence number 391237]

Ph: 0432 692 847 Email: [email protected]

Mark Owen

Co-owner Signature Lending Solutions Mark Owen

I have enjoyed 20 years in the not-for-profit sector at Director level managing multi-million dollar budgets.  My time in this industry has given me a great understanding of the diversity peoples’ needs.  As a Real Estate investor and father of 4, I understand the responsibility of managing household finances through to complex, tax effective financial structures necessary  for those creating a substantial Investment Portfolio.  I look forward to assisting you with any of  your financial goals.

Mark Owen is a Credit Representative (CRN 469244) of BLSSA Pty Ltd [Australian Credit Licence number 391237]

Ph: 0412 312 324 Email: [email protected]

Phil D’Orr

Credit Rep serving Sunshine Coast & Melbourne (Nationwide)

I have 20 years experience in NGO’s, helping people meet and achieve their specific needs and aspirations. I care about supporting people from all walks of life across Australia; enabling them to realise their goal of home, business or investment property ownership. Having lived most of my life in Melbourne, I really appreciate cultural diversity and embrace the differences that make us all unique. I am a family man living on the Sunshine Coast Queensland and enjoy serving various community groups, including people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

I am interested in sustainable living and development for our world.

I love surfing, snowboarding and riding my bike. I’m here to help

Phil D’Orr is a Credit Representative (CRN 506055) of BLSSA Pty Ltd [Australian Credit Licence number 391237]

Ph: 0430 302 936 Email: [email protected]